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Khatarnak Chokra Hello Surfer. So you finally made it here, huh? Well, I'm pleased to see ya. For those who came in late, I am an Indian version of James Bond. ("The name's Chokra....Khatarnak Chokra...") My task is to move around the World Wide Web and get you the best that it has to offer RIGHT HERE. Since you have nothing better to do than to visit silly webpages like these, I guess I'll make your stay worthwhile.

On this site you can expect to find a few things wacky, a few things straight, some surprises and, oh yes, free goodies you didn't know the Internet has to offer. Who knows, if you dig deep into this website, you might actually find something useful! But don't bet on it, hehehe. So, whaddya waiting for? Put yer car into cyberdrive, grab your mouse with glee, and start clicking!!

Hey, don't fall for my cute and innocent looks, okay... I can be really wild at times. Can't say I didn't warn ya...

Read about my history and origins here.

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