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Cyber Journey

This section will periodically offer a compilation of websites that I have stumbled upon during my net exploits. Convention dictates that such a collection of sites should have a theme. Hmmn, seems the human mind is conditioned to a logical and methodical classifcations and abhors the random. Anyway, who am I to fight against convention? So here goes: the theme for this first edition of cyber journey is e-learning sites, actually no, make that FREE e-learning sites As you probably know, there are lots of sites offering e-learning, tutorials, study guides, etc. for payment of fees. But this page will only focus on those sites that offer the same for free. This is a consequence of my belief that information and knowledge should always be free.

Someone once said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch. Until a year ago, anyone could have countered that by retorting, "You ain't seen the Internet man." But of late the free dream on the internet is in danger of becoming sour. Many 'free' sites are getting fast transformed into paid or fee-based service offerings. What is free today on the internet may not be so tomorrow. This is also true of many e-learning sites as well. Even so, I have managed to pick out quite a few sites offering free e-learning and tutorials. Until now, these guys are still holding fort. So check out these free offerings before they go the paid way or go bust.

Because of the huge number of educational and learning sites on the web, a compilation of this kind can never claim to be comprehensive and the following list is far from that. This listing is only meant only as a tiny doorway to open your mind to the potential of the internet in furthering the insatiable urge of the human spirit to learn new things. This page intends to ignite a spark in you and propel you to visit these and many more similar sites. If you gain some knowledge in the process, that aids in your self-development, the purpose of would be served.

Phew! Those were heavy thoughts! I'll definitely need some rest after this. So enough small talk. Go read beyond.

Free Learning Sites

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