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Toolbar Wallpaper
This is only for users of Micosoft's Internet Explorer 5 and above versions. This cool tool from Microsoft allows you to change the look and feel of IE's toolbar through its collection of wallpapers. You can revert back to the default toolbar also. Give your browser a personality! Get it here
KP Typing Tutor v3.2
This is an easy utility than can help you to learn to type as soon and easy as possible. It is a small, yet effective typing program that will help you to learn finger placement or build up speed. Get it here
ATnotes v8.01
ATnotes is a feature-packed program which creates Post-it like notes on the Windows desktop. You can have a different font and color scheme for each note. You can also open URLs, email addresses, and file shortcuts in notes with associated programs. Other features include alarms for each note, with a visual and/or audio alert signal; customizable system-wide hotkeys; and the ability to hide notes until manually activated or until a specified date/time. You can also minimize notes so that just the first line of the text shows, send notes over a network, and customize the text shown in buttons and dialog boxes. Get it here
Heart Attack
This joke program pretends to delete every file on your Windows system. Use this as a joke on your friends or on your co-workers computer. Guaranteed to give any stressed-out office worker an imitation heart attack - proceed with caution!
Just look at the miniscule size of this file. The download will be over before you can say "Cardio-pulmonary resustication is not my cup-of-tea." Get it here
Dee plugin for Winamp v1.12
If you use the Winamp player to listen to audio files, then this is a must-have. Dee is a Digital Sound Processing plug-in for Winamp. It improves the sound by adding deeper bass, treble and richer 3d effect without distortion. It can be used in addition to or instead of the built-in Winamp graphic equaliser. Go on, Pump up the volume! Get it here
Office 2000 short cut keys
That's it guys! Microsoft has finally done something useful! You don't believe me? Download this and check it out for yourself. This installs as an MS Excel file which has a collection of very useful keyboard short cuts for all MS Office 2000 applications. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, Frontpage, Photodraw, Publisher, all of them. So just fling your mouse outta the window (in case you are using your office PC, you can throw it at your boss) and say "hello keyboard." Get it here

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