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Chokra's Freeware Links

This page contains links to pages from where you can download some great pieces of freeware. These are some real gems that are a must-have whether you are a newbie or a die-hard computer user.

Undoubetly the best MP3 player in this universe. Well, actually that is not entirely a true statement since there is probably no audio file format that this cool thing does not support and MP3 is but one of them. In fact, I would incur the wrath of millions of Winamp users if I classify it as a MP3 player. To it's many fans Winamp is not a player. It's a lifestyle.
CDex is a is utility which can extract / rip Digital Audio tracks from your Audio CD and save it as MP3 files onto your hard disk. For those who are still wondering why they need such a software, its because of this: an audio CD stores the track information in a WAV format. With this format, lets say a 5 minute song takes about 30 to 40 MB of space on your CD. If you directly store the track on your hard disk in this format, its goodbye to your precious hard disk space. With CDex you can rip audio tracks from the CD and easily store them on the hard disk in the popular MP3 format which compresses the file 10 to 12 times to a more manageable size of around 3 to 4 MB.
ICQ 2000b
If you don't know what ICQ is then you really are new to the net. This is probably the best instant messenger available today. Chat with millions of registered icq users. The latest version even allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones in any part of the world. The amount of features available on ICQ makes MSN and Yahoo messengers look like poor imitations. Need I say more?
Copernic 2001
With Copernic by your side, you may never have to visit any search engine again. Copernic is an intelligent agent that carries out your net-searches by simultaneously consulting the most important search engines of the Internet . The software features a search wizard, the ability to search using a question or keywords, keyword highlighting in results and Web pages, a detailed search history, and many useful search management functions. Although there are three versions of Copernic availalble (basic, plus and pro), the no-nonsense basic version is for free.
A thesauras(dictionary) right on your desktop. Now, you don't have to grope for the right word to use in that official document that you are about to send off or look perplexed at that jargon-rich book that your aunt gave to you on your birthday. Look up the meanings of thousands of words in an instant on your computer. If you come across a word that is not available in this dictionary, you have the option of looking it up on the wordweb site on the net. This one even integrates with your word processor (MS Office, Corel Word Perfect or Lotus Word Pro)
Zone Alarm
If you have been surfing the net for a while, it is not enough to have an updated anti-virus software on your machine. You also need a personal firewall. Zonealarm is widely rated to be one of the best free personal firewalls available. This Internet security utility and firewall that detects Internet access on your computer and controls which programs have access to the Internet. It combines powerful security features including application Internet access control, a complete local firewall with easy-to-use security level settings and advanced local and Internet zone capabilities. ZoneAlarm protects you from malicious programs, like Spyware, Trojan horses and hacker intrusions. It allows you to control your computer's Internet traffic and the way applications access the Internet. ZoneAlarm's MailSafe feature also provides virus protection for Microsoft Visual Basic scripts sent as e-mail attachments. Enough said. Now, go download it.
Handy Bits Easy Crpto Deluxe
HandyBits EasyCrypto is an utility that helps you to keep your files inaccessible for others. With EasyCrypto you can encrypt and decrypt your files or folders, as well as store them in EasyCrypto archives which you can securely send to others. Extremely simple to use. Just right click on any file or folder in Windows Explorer and select encrypt or decrypt. One of the best encrption softwares I have come across, with loads of features.
AVG Antivirus
If there is one software that you must have on your system, it must be an antivirus. With thousands of viruses floating around the net and arriving in e-mails, the importance of an anti-virus cannot be over-emphasised. AVG Antivirus is an extremely effective, award-winning antivirus software which can give biggies like Norton and McAfee a run for their money. It has lots of useful features like autoupdating to look for new antivirus definitions, integration into Outlook Express, fast system scanning, etc. And best of all, its completely free for personal use. So what are you waiting for? Go get it.

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